Feng Shui Working with Colors in Your Garden

Many people may consider feng shui as a form of superstition, but we beg to disagree. It is a form of design aesthetic that aims to create harmony with nature or what immediately surrounds the area. Applying the rules of feng shui can also be applied outside the home such as your garden. Working with your garden’s color according to feng shui can create wonderful rhythms in it.

Using a compass or a ba gua (the Taoist trigrams), determine the directions of your garden. Which one points to the North, South, East, and West? Then, you need to determine the energy you want to evoke from your garden. Using colors from your plants and as well as the five elements, you can create a harmonious garden using feng shui.

Fire Element

Arranging your garden based on the Fire element brings out supportive energy in your career. It would also help you achieve recognition and financial success. To achieve this, you need to develop the South area of your garden. If that is impossible, you can also go for either the Northeast or Southwest. Fill that area with plants and decorations that have the colors Red, Orange, Purple, Pink, and Strong Yellow.

Earth Element

Creating a strong and harmonious garden according to the Earth element creates stability, nourishment, and protection for all of your relationships. To do this, arrange the Northeast and Southwest side of your garden. Then, put on plants and decors that are predominantly Light Yellow or Beige. You can also develop the center of your home with a dramatic floral arrangement.

Metal Element

The Metal element in feng shui increases your mental awareness as it brings sharpness, precision, clarity, and efficiency in your mind. Develop the West and Northwest sections of your garden with White flowers and gray slabs of rock. You can also arrange the Northern area of your home or office according to the Metal element.

Water Element

Having a feng shui garden using Water element brings out a refreshing feeling of calm, ease, purity, and freshness. Water is also the feng shui symbol for abundance, making it the element of choice by many. To achieve this, arrange the north section of your garden, although you can also use the East and Southeast areas. Bring out plants, flowers, and other decorations with the colors Blue and Black.

Wood Element

The Wood element in feng shui releases energy of health, vitality, and growth. Like Water, Wood is also a symbol of abundance, which makes it a favorite element for those who aspire to be rich. East and Southeast are the ideal sections of the garden, and then arrange the area with browns and lots of greens. The Wood element can also be good in the South.

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