Cobblestone Houses

Beginnings There’s something very quaint and picturesque about cobblestone houses and buildings. Building with cobblestones began in the 1800s and went on for about 40 years. It was a folk art that flourished in Western New York since 1825, until the Civil War broke out. About 900 cobblestone buildings and houses were built in New […]

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How To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Summer is fast approaching (what with global warming and all), and before you know it, it’s going to feel warm and stuffy inside your house. Before the summer heat befalls your dwelling, take the following steps to prep your home for the sunny season. Open your windows to air out your entire house. Get rid […]

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Feng Shui in The Garden

In feng shui, water is a universal sign of abundance. Including an object that defines this element is a must in every home of those who want to be prosperous. When adding a water feature in your garden – like a feng shui fountain or a bird bath – according to the rules of feng […]

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Feng Shui Working with Colors in Your Garden

Many people may consider feng shui as a form of superstition, but we beg to disagree. It is a form of design aesthetic that aims to create harmony with nature or what immediately surrounds the area. Applying the rules of feng shui can also be applied outside the home such as your garden. Working with […]

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How to Use Feng Shui to Improve Your Love Life

The power of feng shui can be applied to any aspect of your life, including enhancing your love life. Whether you are searching for that one true love, or you already have a significant other, it would not hurt if you arrange your home space to find, attract, and even keep a joyful and lasting […]

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